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"When I was referred to Lori, I was an absolute mess. It felt as though my entire operatic career was falling apart and I felt as though there was absolutely no way to salvage what was left of my voice. I was petrified and feeling hopeless. Lori has guided me and rerouted my entire life in a way that’s absolutely impossible to describe. I trusted her with my voice - which is the most important thing in my life - and I was rewarded with excellent and clear instruction which ignited a passion for all things voice therapy in my life. I am inspired and I am steadily learning to take complete ownership of my approach to healthy speaking and singing. Lori helped me to heal my MTD and cord swelling. There’s not a single person in my 16 years of studying voice that has shaped my life the way Lori has. I’m so grateful to her and I would highly recommend her for all things speech therapy and singing.""

- Anonymous, Soprano

"As a veteran voice teacher and singing voice specialist who has experienced a neurological vocal fold pathology, I won't trust my voice to just anyone.  In 2021, Lori became an integral part of my voice and respiratory "recovery team" due to some long-haul complications from Covid.  I am grateful that Lori deeply understands her craft as one who is in the medical, pedagogical, artist and healing fields.  I can fully and joyfully recommend her as a singing-informed licensed speech-language pathologist!"

- Cate Frazier-Neely
Co-author: Singing Through Change: Women's Voices in Midlife, Menopause and Beyond, Studio Bos Media

"Lori's expert care and relational approach have set me on a path to complete vocal recovery.  As someone who depends on their voice for their livelihood, I have appreciated Lori's acute attention to detail and tailor-made recovery plan.  Professional, helpful and delightful to be around, I recommend her without reservation."

- Travis Doucette, worship leader

"Lori is a premiere voice therapist. I'm a singer and she helped me over a decade ago when I was working around a cyst on my vocal cords that had burst. I also teach voice and returned to Lori several months ago to study again to stay fresh for my students. In the middle of it, I began experiencing symptoms in my singing which were, come to find out, caused by menopause. This is a very new field of study, with not much documentation or protocol. Lori has dived in with me, has done a ton of research, has personally developed potent therapeutic drills, and totally has my back! Lori's intelligence, ability, background, experience, and genuine sense of compassion make her someone I'd highly recommend to anyone, regardless of the issue. My voice is making a remarkable recovery!"

-Leigh-Leigh Kossman
 Performer, voice teacher and life coach

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