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Becoming a "Recurring Character" on Vocal Fri

Updated: May 13, 2022

One of my favorite things to do as a Voice SLP and Singing Voice Specialist is have conversations about the voice on podcasts. Podcast interviews are so much fun! What better way to spend an hour than talking about things I am most passionate about from my daily work in the voice clinic. It was an honor to be a THIRD time guest on the VocalFri Podcast this week with the always engaging Nicholas Perna and Sarah Pigott.

If you’re not familiar with VocalFri, this podcast resource began in 2017 and has been growing in popularity and content since that time. Nick and Sarah are a delightful team who have hosted super smart colleagues and singer friends of mine over the years about a wide range of voice topics, particularly on Vocal Pedagogy, with just a little quirky side. It is a part of the official podcast network of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

I was invited to speak in this episode on the topic of “Destigmatizing Vocal Health,” in an effort to help better understand the culture around vocal injury and what singers who have injury experience in their school, voice studio, rehearsal and performance environments. Join us to listen and learn more about how we, as teachers, SLPS, and singers, can better support and advocate for our students. And some of my thoughts on how we can better equip our voice and singing community to detect possible vocal injury and maintain good vocal health consistently.

I hope you enjoy this! I’m grateful for these opportunities to collaborate with valued colleagues and fellow voice professionals. At Sonnenberg Voice, we’ve been sharing lots of great content on this particular topic on our social media platforms so please join us there to continue the conversations.

Be Vocally Well,


P.S. Listen to other podcasts I've been on here!

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